Frequently Asked Questions about Placement


Who attends Giant Steps?

When a school district does not have the proper therapies or support to service a child with a disability, that child can be sent to another public or private facility at the district's expense.

What does a typical day at Giant Steps look like?

School hours are 8:45 am to 2:45 pm. The day is divided into multiple academic and therapeutic sessions based on each student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The following programs comprise the therapeutic sessions:

  • Neurological Music Therapy (Board Certified): Using music to work on non-musical goals
  • Speech Therapy (Board Certified): Developing functional and appropriate communicationÂ
  • Occupational Therapy (Board Certified): Helping students develop the necessary skills to fully participate at home, work, school, and in the classroom.
  • Behavioral Therapy (Board Certified): Applied behavioral analysis in an academic setting
  • Social Work (Board Certified): Developing social and emotional skills
  • Special Rec: Adaptive physical education program
  • Computers: Utilizing technology for educational programming
  • Integrated Program Planning: Academics in motion

Academic sessions are provided in three formats: student to teacher, student to aide, and group settings. Typically, movement or sensory breaks are incorporated into each academic session to help students maintain focus and achieve academic success.

Living skills are another primary component of the Giant Steps educational model. Students work with teachers, aides, and therapists to develop the daily living and job skills required to lead full and productive lives.

What does it cost?

Tuition is paid by the individual school district placing the child at Giant Steps.  Additional funding comes from, grants, special events, private contributions, corporate giving programs, and foundations.

Can I pay the cost myself?

All students must be enrolled in a public school district and placed at Giant Steps by that district. Giant Steps does not currently accept any private enrollment students.

What is required to be considered?

Potential students must have a primary diagnosis of autism and an IEP from the home school district indicating that private placement in a therapeutic day school is most appropriate to meet the student's needs.

What does the intake process typically entail?

Home and school visits are generally part of the intake process. It is important for Giant Steps to gather as much information as possible prior to student enrollment.  The intake process is a great time to ask questions, bring up any concerns you have, and discuss your expectations for your child and the school.

How can I schedule a tour?

Tours of the facility are available throughout the school year during the school day. When scheduling a tour, it is important to note if you have an IEP from your home school district indicating that private placement has been agreed upon or if you would like a more general informational tour.

To schedule a tour, call Giant Steps at 630.864.3800.