Giant Steps

Day Program for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

The Canopy Adult Program offers quality day programming for adults on the autism spectrum, age 22 and over.

Meeting the Needs of Adults with Autism

  • The adult program, launched in May 2012 to address the growing needs of the autism community, provides tailored, age-appropriate programming that emphasizes individual strengths, encourages community engagement, and supports lifelong learning for autistic adults.
  • Our dedicated staff consistently uses calming sensory tools and strategies to support our diverse adult participants.

Weekly Schedule

  • A participant's weekly schedule includes age-appropriate content learning sessions that include American Sign Language, Wellness and Life Skills, Vocational Training, Art, Leisure, Physical Endurance, and Community Outings designed to enhance communication skills.
  • Community outings are not only enjoyable but also serve as valuable opportunities for participants to apply skills learned during content sessions.
  • The Canopy program also features Christine's Dream Equestrian Center, a PATH International-certified facility.
    • Equine experiences involve both stable vocational skills and guided horseback riding.
    • PATH International-certified instructors guide equine activities, enriching participants' life skills through diverse experiences.