Community Training

Giant Steps offers training to large and small groups in the community seeking to have a better understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Trainings are individualized to each group and materials are provided. Some groups we typically train are: 

  • Police Departments
  • Paramedics
  • Hospital Staff
  • Nursing Students
  • Library Staff
  • Dental Staff

Venues we have trained:
  • Navy Pier
  • U.S. Cellular Field
  • Department of Children and Family Services



Parenting Using Positive Behavioral Supports

Giant Steps offers parent training from a behavior, communication and education standpoint. Some of the focus areas include: 

  • Routines and Transitions
  • Proactive Supports and Setting Limits
  • Responding to Problem Behavior
  • Increasing Independence
  • Learning Through Play
  • Increasing Functional Communication
  • Reading and interpreting Individualized Education Plans

"I wished I took this class months/years sooner."
Ofc. R. Bartels
#18 Posen Police Department
       "After receiving our son's diagnosis, we were unsure about how to be effective parents to a child with ASD. Holly and Giant Steps helped improve our connection with him, giving us both the confidence and parental tools to best raise him. We can't praise their services highly enough."
Stephanie & Ryan
Wheaton, IL


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Contact Information